"What is our root? How are we different from others? What is our culture? What do we reflect on office design? And, why do we want it to stay forever?"

This page might be the most challenging part of our website. Many argue that this kind of thing is not that important because the customer might go to our work section and the job seeker might look at interesting job openings and our services. By the way, this part aims to tell you our story to get to know us as we are.

  • What is our root?
  • How are we different from others?
  • What is our culture?
  • What do we reflect on office decor?
  • Why do we want it to stay forever?
  • What is our root?
  • How are we different from others?
  • What is our culture?
  • What do we reflect on office decor?
  • Why do we want it to stay forever?

What is our root?

In the last decade, digital things started to take hold in marketing. Several agencies began with this field, but we thought it still not what it should be. Maybe because digital advertising was very new, or it was just a small part that others saw at that time. So we discussed and concluded that if others can't do what we want, we do it ourselves. So we can try what we want to do. We also felt that we wanted to change the client's business and attempted with a different perspective.  We want our agency to build up the future for a brand with our client.

That's why we became Boutique Agency - a small agency that doesn't deal with many clients but goes deep with specialization. We are proud to say that we work for this particular brand. We required the team of this brand to understand as much as possible. We don't shuffle teams frequently, and we use the same team for the same brand because understanding the core value of the brand can't happen in a short period.

If you're a client, you might like it here, but if you're the one looking forward to working with us, you might be curious: Oh, so how can I improve my skills if I am assigned to respond for a single brand? We can say this... All of our clients are forward-thinking brands that want the best. Even though everything we've done has been for the same brand, we've never done or thought the same. The world moves at a fast pace, so we can't be slow. It may be hard to do several things for the best, but doing the same thing in a better way is even more challenging because we have to stick to what we have done.

If we made a mistake, the road to improving the brand would not be easy. But, it can also prove the team's ability. Also, our agency was born to fix problems and move the brand forward without waiting for direction from the client. When we see an opportunity, we can target it and try it out. We encourage everyone in the team to show new things. Even if we end up getting rejected, but at least we tried. And if it's good, we keep trying until the client agrees... In summary, we are an agency that exists to think, create, and solve clients' problems to get their brand to the finish line.

How are we different from others?

The most salient point is the way we create our definition, not go with previous standards. Instead, we think about what makes us the best agency for the clients while growing our people fruitfully.

Let's just say we didn't think this way when we were just starting the business because, at the time, we thought the standard org chart could work. We had AE, creatives, and planners, but we realized that the problem is separating thinkers and doers after a short time. Unfortunately, a solution to this problem is unknown and could cause more trouble and waste time for us and the customers.

So we adjusted our organization structure and limited it to planner, creative, designer, and media unit. Everyone had to get a brief together as well as generate ideas and take responsibility. In the production process, everyone had to do what they envisioned. When the project was finished, the result and what was learned had to be brought to the table. So we won't work like an industrial factory that assigns people to a specific task and then puzzles together and passes the responsibility on to others.

That's why our agency takes more time than others. Some clients have complained that we're slow workers who can't meet their needs right away. But we stand on our ground because we believe that everything must have time to look for the blind spots from different aspects to get good work. And every piece must have a beginning story.

Our clients knew full well that we were spending more and more time on briefings and talking about goals and objectives. As well as a KPI to find out what we want from it. This benefits the client because we can be an agency that does work for money and not care about the client's outcome, but we don't. But when we ask ourselves the question of our purpose and look back to answer the question of why we exist, we choose to ride it out, make things clear between us, and work through the problem together.

There are two sides to everything. First, we have to tell you that we are straight people. We suggest you when your choice is not good enough, and later you are the one who makes a decision. And we're an agency that clients have said we're stubborn and hard to work with... but also an agency that keeps coming back with solutions and doing better.

Furthermore, we believe in learning and innovation, which leads to the need for everyone to participate, regardless of their position. Of course, how much one can learn is subjective, but we believe that anything we gain from work-related lessons is always useful. Thus, we never close the doors to new opportunities.

What is our culture?

Doing the right thing is always the right thing... In order to get a service fee, the agency has to come up with the best solutions for the clients. We don't do it for our own sake. We do it to do the right thing. We pay attention to creativity that works because WOW something doesn't always WORK... So we have to WORK it WOW. ... We speak openly in this house. We can go straight to the problem instead of paraphrases that doesn't do any good. Some may wonder about this culture, but for us, it's a professional working style.

We don't work as a family, we work as a professional football team... As we believe in the courage of the individual. We don't want everyone to reach the common standard, but we want them to do their own best, making the team stronger. Working as a family could block an individual's growth because it could be too compromising, and the work could turn into pleasing instead of being right, so we didn't do it. If we are a football team, everyone has their position and job to develop, do better, or sometimes when a problem arises, we need to help our next player achieve the bigger goal. The big picture and wholeness is the job of each player. For the manager, it is to increase the value of each player with each game to be successful.

Trying new things is always challenging, makes us fall in love with the struggle... Doing something others have already done is easy and doing things step by step or following instructions is not hard. But we are in a swiftly changing world that uses the idea to solve the problem. Technology is causing people's behavior to change abruptly. So it is necessary to create new things, new aspects, new interpretations. Learning sounds complex, but applying what you learn is more challenging. It is also not easy to involve many parties for creativity.

However, if we do it in the same way, we will get the same result. The mindset and the outcome will not be different. We all believe that "work is our pride, not only for the company but for each individual." Let's create the work that reveals your skill. Let's fall in love with hardship to work better. Every successful person has experienced hardship. Because if it's easy for everyone, will we be proud if we're just one of them?... Please try to fall in love with hardship, and you will know its value.

Being rejected is not an offer... It is good for everyone. This thought is highly contrary to the standard of the world. Everyone has been taught that being rejected is bad and terrible and means our value is diminished. But we want you to know that in this agency culture, 95% rejection is common. For some positions, it's as high as 98 to 99%. The percentage goes down as you become more experienced or improved, definitely. Some first-time jobbers or those with less work experience might feel pain and obstacles. But that's your opinion. If you're working on the same project and you keep getting rejected with the same issue, it's because your idea is always the same. That's the problem since it shows that you never learn anything from rejection.

But if you are going a lot of ways with many ideas and trying to do new things but keep getting rejected, it means you are in the process of learning and generating ideas... We always tell the team that brainstorming is the most enjoyable process of all because no one can limit our idea. It is a time when we can use our brainpower and potential to the fullest. So please enjoy it. I don't think about the actual pitching yet. Just bring your idea to the fullest, and if we can't pitch it to the client, at least we did it. Even if your idea is not suitable for the job, there are still plenty of fish in the ocean. So practice adaptability and creativity, answering questions, presenting - you've earned from rejection.

Be excited to learn new ideas and solutions. In addition to accepting rejections, we also tell the team to say no too. It sounds simple, but it's not. Because when you reject someone's idea or work, you need to present a good reason so they understand and the team is inspired to keep working for better results. This has become harder and harder to do overtime because we've gotten used to the feeling of getting what we want. The world brings a much shorter path to success. However, we think everyone's experiences and thinking skills take time, perseverance, and effort for sustainable growth.

What do we reflect on office decor?

Picking up on this topic doesn't mean we're thinking about decorations or office furnishings. Instead, we just want to tell you about the hidden details when we decided on office furnishings.

We are among those who started with a small team in a small company, even with an immediate office for rent. We chose the space with a lot of windows despite the surprisingly high price. It still brought us the feeling of working. We then moved to a more serious rental property, with the agreement that we would make it compact since our team was not to exceed 15 people. Our goal was to stay there for five years, so we changed the ceiling, ordered a custom table, and happily designed our small black and white space. We chose chairs specifically for our team, knowing that everyone has to sit on them for long periods of time during the day.

However, after only a year, the space was no longer adequate! We decided again to expand our office in the same building on Silom Rd. With good transport links and plenty of affordable food options, the cost of living for our staff is acceptable. Our expansion was limited to 30 employees as we were confident of our status as a small agency. We redesigned our office to be an open space with a meeting room, sofa, relaxation area, and locker for everyone, focusing on custom desks with appropriate height and chairs for office workers.

The white color theme was kept to create a relaxing feeling. We hoped to be the office that connects everyone, and we can hear each other's laughter and acknowledge each other's anger. Everything is connected, and we felt it was the right thing to do because we can say hello to each other. We had several experimental relocations, such as sitting as a team or dividing the zones by jobs to observe the work dynamics. But one day, we were shocked when we received an announcement about the building closing due to a building owner conflict. We had less than six months to find and set up another office space.

We spent a lot of time looking for space because we didn't want our move to become a commitment. The longer we worked, the more we found that we were spending more of our time in the office than in our own home. This is because so many brilliant events in our lives took place in the office. So we discussed with the shareholders that we might continue to work into eternity, and our employees would spend their time in the office. We ended up renting the space at Sam Yarn Mitrtown, which led to the question, why does the small agency need to invest so much? But we believe that it will be good because apart from the space we have invented in interior design, the requirement for each visitor's comfort and the concrete work zone must still have the details in each corner to stand out and reflect our style.

If you happen to visit, you might notice a sign welcoming you instead of us because we are quite shy. And then a huge metal frame at the turnoff through which you can see the greenery because it's been scientifically proven that plants soothe your eyes. If you look at the floor or any edge joints, you will see many types of tiles in different shapes. Almost all the tiles we used are handmade because we want color details that can reflect our personality. Then, if you walk through all of our meeting rooms, you'll see many shades of green that match the environment of each room. And if you look up, you may see ridge tiles in some rooms that make us feel at home. In some rooms, you will find stress-relieving green plants, in some zones wooden slats to soften the mood of the light stands, unique lanterns in each room varying from used to brand new to brighten the mood by their color. Also, you may notice the difference in floor colors between the work zone and the common zone. Our work desk sets have been adjusted to the height standard to prevent office syndrome as much as possible, while the tables and chairs in the common area have been specifically designed to provide a good seating gesture in each zone.

We, as well as our contractors, knew we were picky. Nevertheless, we refused to cut back on what we wanted. If you have read this article up to this sentence, you may acknowledge that our quality and mindfulness did not come from wordy explanations but are reflected in our work and everything we did. For the customers, for our team, not just a moment, but it was accumulated day after day.

Why do we want it to stay forever?

We believe that when clients grow, we grow. Therefore, our existence is synonymous with the success of our clients.

"We may not be the biggest, the most popular, or the award winners, but we will be an innovative agency focused on learning and evolving with our clients and our people..."