What is our culture?

Doing the right thing is always the right thing… In order to get a service fee, the agency has to come up with the best solutions for the clients. We don’t do it for our own sake, we do it to do the right thing. This is the real world. We pay attention to creativity that works because WOW thing doesn’t always WORK… So we have to WORK it WOW. … We speak openly in this house. We can go straight to the problem instead of paraphrases that don’t do any good. Some may wonder about this culture, but for us it’s a professional working style.

We don’t work like a family, we work like a football team… As we believe in the courage of the individual. We don’t want everyone to reach the common standard, but we want them to do their own best that makes the team stronger. Working as a family could block an individual’s growth because it could be too compromising and the work could turn into pleasing instead of being right, so we didn’t do it. If we are a football team, everyone has their position and their job to develop, to do better, or sometimes when a problem arises, we need to be able to help our next player for the bigger goal. The big picture and wholeness is the job of each player. For the manager, it is to increase the value of each player with each game to be successful.

Trying new things is always hard, makes us fall in love with the struggle… Doing something others have already done is easy and doing things step by step or following instructions is not hard. But we are in a very fast changing world that uses idea to solve the problem. Technology is causing people’s behavior to change abruptly. So it is necessary to create new things, new aspects, new interpretation. Learning sounds complex, but applying what you learn is more challenging. It is also not easy to involve many parties for creativity.

However, if we do it in the same way, we will get the same result. The mindset and the outcome will not be different. We all believe that “work is our pride, not only for the company, but for each individual.” Let’s create the work that reveals your skill. Let’s fall in love with hardship to work better. Every successful person has experienced hardship. Because if it’s easy for everyone, will we be proud if we’re just one of them?… Please try to fall in love with hardship and you will know its value.

Being rejected is not an offer… It is a good for everyone. This thought is highly contrary to the standard of the world. For everyone has been taught that to be rejected is bad and terrible and means our value is diminished. But we want you to know that in this agency culture, 95% rejection is common. For some positions, it’s as high as 98 to 99%. The percentage goes down as you become more experienced or improved, definitely. Some firsttime jobbers or those with less work experience might feel pain and obstacles. But that’s your opinion. If you’re working on the same project and you keep getting rejected with the same issue, it’s because your idea is always the same. That’s the problem, since it shows that you never learn anything from rejection.

But if you are going a lot of ways with a lot of ideas and trying to do new things but keep getting rejected, it means you are in the process of learning and generating ideas… We always tell the team that brainstorming is the most enjoyable process of all because no one can limit our idea. It is a time when we can use our brain power and potential to the fullest. So please enjoy it. Don’t think about the actual pitching yet, just bring your idea to the fullest and if we can’t pitch it to the client, at least we did it. Even if your idea is not suitable for the job, there are still plenty of fish in the ocean. Practice adaptability and creativity, answering questions, presenting – you’ve earned from rejection.

Be excited to learn new ideas and solutions. In addition to accepting rejections, we also tell the team to say no too. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Because when you reject someone’s idea or work, you need to present a good reason so they understand and the team is inspired to keep working for better results. This has become harder and harder to do over time because we’ve gotten used to the feeling of getting what we want. The world brings a much shorter path to success. However, everyone’s experiences and thinking skills take time, perseverance and effort for sustainable growth, we think.